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Corona render 1.5 hotfix 2

Corona render


Disponibile un nuovo update hotfix 2 per questo nuovo motore di render disponibile a questo indirizzo DOWNLOAD

Changelog hotfix 2:

  • Fixed UHD Cache settings issues causing splotches/flickering in rendering – if you encounter these problems, press “Reset Settings” in scene render setup after updating to the hotfix 2.
  • Fixed problem with .conf files causing error messages popping up in 3ds Max on systems using non-ASCII (like Cyrillic) characters.
  • Added tooltips to Corona Color Picker
  • Fixed: NaNs (black pixels) appearing in renders
  • Fixed crashes when NaNs appeared and LUT postprocessing was enabled
  • Fixed: on some machines Corona kept reactivating and crashing when opening material editor
  • Non-ASCII characters are now supported in render stamp
  • Non-existent directories in autosave path will now be auto-created
  • System settings dialog layout fixed
  • Fixed small glitch in CoronaMtl UI
  • All .conf and .ini files are now properly versioned, fixing problems when switching between daily builds and stable versions

Changelog hotfix 1

  • Fixed crashes on startup with some AMD CPUs
  • Fixed crash when ID render pass + global volume mtl is used
  • Fixed screen projection issues when camera offset from origin is too large
  • Changed version numbering to something hopefully less confusing
  • Updated installer – 2015 daily build is now properly removed from 3ds max 2016 during install
  • Updated Corona Convertor to version 1.13

Corona render 1.5

Ricordiamo inoltre come la sua crescente community ha potuto apprezzare attraverso le daily build, Corona Renderer 1.5 ha seguito uno sviluppo lato utente per ridurre al minimo la necessità di postprodurre esternamente le immagini, grazie al notevole potenziamento del frame buffer interno.

Incrementata la compatibilità con i materiali dei software di terze parti, oltre a significativi progressi generali in termini di velocità e stabilità.

Confermato anche il Corona LightMix, un tool che consente di regolare i parametri legati all’intensità ed al colore delle sorgenti luminose presenti nella scena. La potenza di questa feature è data dall’interattività, che consente di utilizzarlo direttamente durante la fase di rendering.

Riportiamo le principali novità di Corona Renderer 1.5 direttamente dal blog ufficiale dell’applicazione:

  • Interactive LightMix is unique to Corona Renderer and lets you adjust intensity and color of your lights and light emitting materials during and after render – perfect for anything from subtle adjustments through to turning day into night.
  • Corona Materials have been updated to match evolving industry standards. This means they will work more like you expect if you are familiar with working in other engines, and gives increased compatibility when importing materials from third party software such as Allegorithmic’s Substance tools, Quixel’s Megascans, etc. Existing scenes will load with the new PBR mode disabled, and with Legacy mode enabled if necessary, to ensure they render without any changes to the materials. Also, textured Corona materials can now be previewed directly in the 3ds Max viewport.
  • VFB features such as bloom, glare, filmic tone mapping, vignette, and saturation give you much more creative control over the end result, reducing your need to rely on post-production software.
  • LUTs have been added to the VFB so that you can load .cube and .3dl LUT files to apply to your renders. The CoronaOutput map now also supports LUT processing, which can be used to apply LUTs to a bitmap or procedural map for use in your materials.
  • Corona Distance Map lets you create “smart” materials that know how far away they are from objects in the scene. Use this to add waves around a coastline, wear-and-tear where objects meet, dirt and noise under window sills, and more.
  • Corona Renderer 1.5 is freely available to all our customers on FairSaaS (monthly, yearly), Box with Subscription and Educational/Student license.
  • Supports Autodesk 3ds Max versions 2012-2017.