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MODO 902 SP2 The Foundry

MODO 902 SP2 The Foundry

modo902Rilasciato il secondo service pack di MODO 901, che apporta oltre 160 bug fixes e miglioramenti, migliorando la stabilità e il corretto funzionamento dei tools.

The Foundry, dopo alcuni mesi il rilascio di MODO 901, ha finalmente annunciato l’upgrade ufficiale alla versione 902.

Software apprezzato da una community sempre più ampia, consente la creazione di contenuti per game, animazione personaggi, produzione di immagini pubblicitarie e molto altro ancora.

il software si attesta sempre di più in un workflow rapido ed efficace, con una pipeline in continuo miglioramento grazie all’introduzione e all’ottimizzazione di nuove feature.

Tra le novità troviamo:

Advanced viewport: Fixes bug that could cause the Advanced viewport to be disabled on systems capable of running it due to color correction settings stored in the main config.

Advanced viewport: Fixes bug where lasso selection was running in the wrong GL context.

Advanced viewport: Fixes localization and stability issues with the Advanced viewport, especially when used in quad view modes.

Advanced viewport: Fixes potential crash with high-resolution geometry with some AMD cards (such as the FirePro W4100).

Advanced viewport: Fixes potential crash with high-resolution geometry with some AMD cards (such as the FirePro W8100 and W9100).

Advanced viewport: Fixes potential crash with high-resolution geometry with some AMD cards (such as the Radeon HD 8790M).

Advanced viewport: Mac: Fixes potential crash when switching between Default and Advanced viewports.

Advanced Viewport: Fixes potential instability and GL errors when changing between layouts and Advanced and Default viewports.

Advanced Viewport: Mac: Fixes potential instability when subdividing geometry.

Assemblies: Fixes bug where reparented instances would lose their parent’s info when saved into an assembly.

Assembly Presets: Fixes a typo in the Save Assembly Preset command.

Backdrops/Performance: Fixes bug where dropping a large image into a camera viewport would lead to performance problems.

Background to Multires/Performance: Improves performance the Background to Multires command.

Bake Weights: Fixes crash baking weights on a Normalizing folder with an unset vertex map on the deformer.

Baking: Adds a ‘Bake Directional Effects’ option in the Render item properties (in the Baking section of the Frame settings) to include shading effects that vary with view direction (such as specular reflection and transparency).

Baking: Fixes potential hang using ‘Bake to Render Outputs’ on some scenes.

Brush Stamp tool: Fixes bug where images loaded into the brush stamp tool would have their black color values interpreted as transparent.

Brush Stamp tool: Fixes bug where the tool didn’t retain aspect ratio or resolution on images.

Cel Edges material: Fixes bug where edges between different surfaces couldn’t be suppressed.

Channel List: Fixes bug where deleting child transform items would deselect the parent item.

Channel Modifiers: Adds the MeshInfo channel modifier, which queries properties of the connected mesh, such as element count, size, center, bounding box, surface area, etc.

Color Management: Color corrects camera view front projection and fixes issue where changes to color space would not update in GL camera views.

Color Management: Fixed BG images not color corrected in UV view.

Color Picker: Fixes bug where sometimes multiple clicks where required to choose a color.

Command System/Stability: Fixes crash due to unclosed braces.

Command System/Dialogs: Fixes crash opening a file dialog without first specifying at least one file type.

Config/Stability: Fixes potential crash on launch if the config contained an &item ExoType string decoder, due to a command containing one being mapped to a key.

Deferred Meshes: Fixes bug where ‘Render Selected’ was not skipping Deferred Meshes.

Deferred Meshes/Stability: Fixes potential crash exporting deferred meshes in a hierarchy.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where making a referenced item dynamic would cause all of its polygons to disappear.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where Mesh Shatter in handling the center of mass calculation for non-manifold and non-closed geometry.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where shattering an already dynamic rigid body could have unexpected results.

Dynamics: Reverts soft body behavior to that of MODO 901.

Dynamics: Fixes bug where soft bodies with curves would not collide.

Dynamics: Fixes bug in the Kinematic and Dynamic Replicators where the geometry was being centered instead of matching the offset.

Dynamics: Fixes bugs where hull and multi-hull collision shapes weren’t matching and margins were not being set correctly.

Dynamics: Fixes crash when combining dynamics curves with the constraint modifier.

Dynamics: Rigid bodies in compounds will now respect computed inward shift margin of hulls.

Dynamics: Using Make Compound Rigid Body will now set the mass mode to Local Density instead of Local Mass.

Edge Slice: Fixes potential crash when creating multiple slices without dropping the tool.

Edge slide: Fixes bug where warping would occur in the negative direction.

EXR I/O: Adds focalDist, aperture (fstop), exposureTime, and isoSpeed to EXR metadata.

EXR I/O: Fixes potential crash when loading a scene that requires finding missing EXR image assets.

FBX I/O: Adds support for exporting dynamic parents (actions as takes).

FBX I/O: Fixes bug when exporting scenes with multiple UV maps could cause loss of vertex color data.

FBX I/O: Fixes bug where exporting animation to FBX 2013 some precision could be lost on animated channels.

FBX I/O: Fixes bug where exporting morph maps and actions would result in errors.

FBX I/O: Fixes bug where loading some FBX files would set the scene animation length to 1 frame.

FBX I/O: Fixes bug where material assignments could get corrupted on export.

File I/O: Mac: Fixes bug where more than one period in a filename was not handled correctly, clipping part of the filename in file dialogs.

Fill Quads/Stability: Fixes potential crash when used with ‘Grid Pattern’ option.

Forms: Fixes bug where a filter could not be removed from a form.

Frame Markers/Keyframe selection: Use standard 2D key shortcuts for Frame Marker and Keyframe selection (i.e. control-LMB toggles selection).

Freeze command: Fixes bug where freezing did not work for simulated curves with some option combinations.

General: Updates URL for missing content dialog to direct users to the MODO product download page.

GL: Fixes bug in custom locator drawing.

GL: Fixes bug where indices were not displayed in camera views.

GL: Fixes bug where luminous color images were no longer showing on models in the Default or Advanced viewports.

GL: Fixes bug where OpenGL environment images were not obeying the GL Max Texture resolution.

GL/Performance: Gets the draw color from the draw cache to give a large speed increase to shaded views (and their variants) for scenes with a large number of meshes (~5X with 2,000 cubes).

GL/Stability: Fixes potential crash selecting one point polygons in poly mode.

GL/Stability: Prevents crashes on systems that do not like GL calls before contexts have been setup.

‘glinfo’ command: Windows: Updates the command to handle reporting for Windows 10.

Gradient Editor: Fixes bug where the color picker at the bottom right of a Gradient Editor did not work.

group.current’ Command: Deselect the group after making it current.

Hair Guides: Fixes bug where the Edit guides tool did not work with the mode set to relax.

Headless: Mac: Fixes bug where app.quit wasn’t shutting down the telnet socket.

Help menu: Updates URL to the SDK wiki to use the Foundry address, rather than the Luxology one.

Image Falloff: Fixes bug where baking image falloff with ‘Use Selected UV map’ enabled, wasn’t working correctly.

Images/Stability: Fixes a problem related to how cached UI images are pulled out of the cache when dealing with color correction, which could cause images to not get purged when they should be and lead to potential instability.

Input Remapping: Adds additional navigation presets for using the alternative alt-LMB-MMB zoom. Fixes arbitrary sorting of navigation modes in the dropdown by sorting them alphabetically.

Jitter tool: Fixes bug where points were jittered along disabled axes if values weren’t zero.

Kits: Fixes bug where deactivated kits would persist in the system list, even after being deleted from source.

Lag Effector: Fixes potential crash when connecting a lag effector to an influence with a falloff and mesh attached.

Localization: Adds missing localization resources for mesh.shatter.source (Geometry menu > Mesh shatter > Source).

Merge Reference items: Fixes bug where merging rigged characters would lose all animation data.

Mesh Fusion: Fixes bug where materials included with Qbic mesh presets were loading incorrectly.

Network Rendering: Fixes bug where the irradiance cache was not loading on slave machines after the first frame.

OpenEXR I/O: Adds dataWindow support to EXR object image loading.  Behaviors should match Nuke.

OpenEXR I/O: Improves performance for scenes using tiled OpenEXRs.

Painting: Fixes texture painting on nested image layers.

Painting/Stability: Fixes potential crash painting in the UV viewport.

Particle Constraint: Fixes Channel Relationship modifiers when reordering User Channels of different data types linked to them. Also fixes undo and redo of User Channel reordering.

Particle Modifiers: Fixes bug where the particle step modifier was not working correctly when combined with a falloff.

Patch Curves tool: Changes default mode from Extend to Define.

Pen tool: Fixes bug where polygons could be twisted for angle changes < 90 degrees when in wall mode.

Pick maps: Fixes bug where selected points did not have values set upon creation.

Pinned Viewport Options: Fixes bug where GL Background and GL Reflection dropdowns would not update correctly when the options palette was pinned.

Placeholder images: Fixes potential crashes and disables image functions that have no effect on placeholder images.

Popover forms: Fixes bug where popover forms could open in the wrong direction.

Preset Browser: Fixes bug where renaming images with long names could potentially crash.

Preview/Stability: Potential fix crash trying to read a texture filter channel on a non texture item.

Proxy item: Fixes bug where proxy geometry would only render at the origin and couldn’t be moved.

Python: Fixes Python Runtime error when duplicating items from context menu in the Item list.

Rendercache API: Fixes bug where Mesh Fusion geometry was not accessible by the rendercache.

Rendercache API: Fixes bug where rendercache update events were not triggered by changes to Fusion meshes.

Rendercache API: Fixes Rendercache polygon vertex indices and fur problems.

Rendercache API: Adds support for Deferred Mesh polygons and vertices.

Rendercache API: Moves unused fur vertices to back of the segment list, fixing issues.

Rendering: Adds more clear error messages on render abort for file I/O errors and other unknown error codes, instead of simply reporting ‘Unable to save rendered image’ for all failures during rendering.

Rendering: Restricts direct MIS to only affect lights with inverse distance squared falloff (i.e. physically based).

Rendering/Stability: Fixes potential crash using render passes with stereoscopic rendering.

Replicators: Fixes bug where replicator items would appear incorrectly as a potential source for themselves.

Replicators: Fixes bug where some replicas would disappear when navigating the 3D view.

retarget.enable’ command: Performs the Z offset in world space to support skeletons that may be parented to rotated locators (e.g. FBX exports from Unreal Engine).

Retargeting: Fixes removal of links by control-LMB.

Retargeting: Removes the button for setting the retargeting joint alignment tag as it’s no longer used.

Retargeting: Rewrites of the task orientation offset calculations to work with any combination of joint alignments and differences in rest poses between the source and target skeletons. Tested with skeletons from MODO, Unreal and Unity and motion files from several different sources, BVH and FBX. The joint alignment tag on the target skeleton is no longer needed. Avoid skipping drawing of joints without child joints, to allow them to be retargeted. Skeletons from motion capture or games tend to not have joints at the end of limbs, e.g. finger tips, toes, head, as they do not carry motion.

Script Editor: Fixes bug where Shift+ Enter/Return in the script editor did not actually execute the current line.

Script Editor: Fixes unicode encoding error u2028 in the the Python Script Editor when pressing Shift+Enter.

Scripting: Fixes bug where layerservice’s polset queries were broken.

Scripting: Makes ‘’ read the script’s filename instead of simply executing ‘Run Script…’. Making it possible to use a script that auto-generates a form (via a Form Command List), and there is no other way to set the labels of the buttons from there.

SDK: Adds ISO and exposureTime to the image SDK.

SDK: Adds support for reading the frame rate of a 3D viewport.

SDK: Fixes bug where ILxVoxel documentation wasn’t included in the SDK, despite the API being public.

Shader Tree/Optimization: Fixes performance issues on large scenes caused by shader changes.

Shader Tree/Optimization: Fixes several issues with masked shader tree structures that could cause them to be evaluated unnecessarily and too often in GL and Preview.

Shader Tree/Stability: Fixes potential crash attempting to delete modifiers in the shader tree.

Slice tool: Fixes bug where random polygons outside of the selection would get deleted when using the cap option.

Snapping: Minor improvement to geometry snapping by caching item layer visibility.

Spline Effector: Fixes potential instability if a target spline mesh for a spline deformer was deleted.

Spline Patch: Fixes bug where freezing could result in twisted patches.

Stability: Fixes potential crash due to stale data in the item list. (Automated crash reporting)

Stability: Fixes potential crash in Preset Directory caching. (Automated crash reporting)

Stability: Fixes potential crash when changing the type of an item that serves as the input into a Particle Modifier source item.

Stability: Fixes potential crash when the application loses focus with a directory selection dialog open.

SVG I/O: Fixes potential crash loading an SVG as a backdrop image if it was also the currently opened scene.

SVG Images: Fixes offset tile calculation for partial tiles when rendering SVGs. Note: SVGs with font-based vectors will draw differently on systems where the font used is not available. Workaround: SVGs should be saved with font vectors converted to curves in the originating application.

Switcher Bar: Fixes auto-hide.

Switcher Bar: Fixes bug where if any layouts were starred, only the starred layouts would be shown.

Switcher Bar: Removes the Plug In List layout from the Switcher Bar.

Switcher Bar/Stability: Fixes potential crash with Switcher Bar. (Automated crash reporting)

Symmetry/UI: Fixes bug where setting more options from a pinned Symmetry popover would not update the settings.

TD SDK: Fixes bug so that modo.Group can now be initialized from derived group types like ‘deform.spline’.

Fixes crash when passing an item as None to

Changes lx.object.Unknown so that it can now be cast to modo.Item.

TD SDK: Fixes bug where channel lookup by name was broken.

TD SDK: Fixes bug where the ‘Instancing a Mesh’ example didn’t run.

TD SDK: Fixes unnecessary recursion when initializing modo.Scene.

TD SDK: Updates Channel() to throw an exception when passing an invalid item name. now returns None instead of throwing a LookupError.

TD SDK: Updates help menu entry to point at the documents on the public facing wiki instead of the 901 beta wiki.

TD SDK: Works around bug 46391 by setting string channels using the ‘setup’ action.

Texture Replicator: Fixes bug where using a Surface Particle Generator to drive a Texture Replicator with a group of textures.

Texture Switch/Stability: Fixes potential crash in the Texture Switch node when creating replicas with Preview open.

Tiled EXR I/O: Adds per-thread tiled EXR file handle cache and limits the EXR library to using one thread for decompression since all threads should be busy when rendering.

‘time.edit’ command: Adds a command enable function and notifier.

‘time.edit’ command: Uses different icons when editing Action keys.

Tooltips: Adds Preview convergence bar tooltip.

Tooltips: Adds some missing tooltips for animation preferences.

Topo pen: Fixes bug where the Topo pen could not create triangles from vertices in Duplicate mode.

UI: Fixes bug where the ideal size of controls would be incorrectly computed when they had previously been stored as part of an earlier customization, causing buttons in toolbars to resize when they were refreshed.

UI: Fixes bug where the ideal size of controls would be incorrectly computed when they had previously been stored as part of an earlier customization, causing popovers to open too narrow.

UI: Mac: Fixes issue where MODO would sometimes become unresponsive when rendering, playing back animations or simulating.

UI/Stability: Additional potential fix for tooltip random crasher.

UI/Stability: Fixes potential crash when an edit field focus event is triggered during form invalidation.

UI/Stability: Fixes potential crash when closing a window while the mouse is over a Switcher Bar. (Automated crash reporting)

UI/Stability: Fixes potential crashes with edit fields. (Automated crash reporting)

UI/Stability: Potential fix for tooltip random crasher.

UI/Stability: Fixes potential crash with Tooltips. (Automated crash reports)

UV Edit: Fixes bug where loading an image in the UV layout, while edges were selected, could break paint selection.

UV Relax: Improves the sealing holes algorithm for the UV Relax tool.

UV Relax/Stability: Ignores hidden polygons, preventing a crash.

UV Smooth Sculpt: Fixes bug where smooth sculpting on UVs with ‘lock borders’ enabled didn’t smooth per-island.

UV Snapping: Fixes bug where snapping was only working with the center handles.

UV View: Fixes bug where the Backdrop image dropdown wasn’t working.

UV viewport: Fixes bug where clicking on the scene item would cause the image showing in the UV viewport to disappear.

UVs: Fixes potential instability with UV view hit testing.

UVs/Snapping: Fixes bug where UV snapping only worked with the center handles.

Weight Editing/Stability: Fixes potential crashes during weight editing. (Automated crash reporting)

Work plane: Implements automatic work plane visibility for viewports that have work plane drawing turned off. When the work plane is aligned to a selection the grid will draw, when the work plane is reset the grid will be hidden again.